Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy in the States

We had a big bucket list of things to do and eat once we arrived back in the States.  Mostly eat.  We have Burger King on base and McDonald's off base, so we mostly wanted to avoid those.  I will have to say that most fast food was not as good as I remembered it being.  We ate at Wendy's, McDonald's, Arby's, Fiesta Ole (never disappoints), Cafe Rio (still yummy), In-N-Out (still great), Olive Garden, Johnny Carinos (Jayce's new favorite), Melina's, and many others I can't even remember.  The best was Barbacoa in Boise - the Hot Rock Fillet - soooo good.  We also had to get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts - so great (we even went out of our way to get to these).

We hung out with family and played lots.  Stayed up too late every night.

Jason and I looked at dental practices for our future.  Things are looking good.  We are excited and getting used to the ideas.  The trip was not long enough and we miss family and are excited to be back living closer.

Tennyson got to see horses for the first time and she is in love.

The horse went between Tennyson and Jason

She didn't even mind.

 Playing with cousins in Utah.

The next pictures I didn't want to use a flash - so I have crappy, blurry pictures.  Still lots of cute faces in them.

Funny things that happened: 
Tennyson's car seat broke while we were stopped at a rest stop.  Jason and I were getting frustrated trying to get it working again.  Jayce kept trying to help us out.  Finally out of frustration, Jason told him to go ahead and fix it.  Jayce immediately snapped it together.

Tennyson would not leave any potted plants alone.  My mom found her in the dirt.  Sat her on a chair while she cleaned up and as she was vacuuming the windowsill, she had to keep vacuuming up higher and higher on the blinds.  She was really throwing it.  I vacuumed at my sisters a few times, too.  Dirt is something new to her.

Tennyson refused to sleep in any form of a cage.  She now sleeps in big beds with her sister.

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Jen said...

So glad you finally got a chance to be back in the states. Looks like you took full advantage. You made my stomach growl several times with the list of places y'all ate. No fair! We have none of that except McD's and Arby's. I suppose it keeps us healthier not having all those options. I'd never want to cook if those were nearby.

I think you may have a future equestrian on your hands. Our neighbor raises/trains horses, so the girls are always wanting to go over there to "help". We have been stopping by daily to check on the mare that's about to be a mama. Mimi really would love to have a horse of her own. Mike is on board but not for a few years, thank goodness. We have enough to get used to thus far.

Your kids looks so happy to be spending time with extended family. I'm sure it was hard to go home.

I can't wait to see where you guys finally end up. I'm sure Jason's head is just swirling with all his options. You already know where Mike wants him to go, and he's not gonna give up;) I never had a chance to even consider where I'd like to go (somewhere warm, beachy, non-snowy....aaaahhh), but in the end I know this was a good decision for us. The girls are loving the small town life. Annie still comes home dumbfounded at how everyone knows her and will say "hi" to her in school, even high school kids...LOL. Both girls have already ended up on the front page of the local newspaper...Mimi for some school thing and Annie for 4-H. Gotta love a small town.