Friday, April 20, 2012


 Getting ready to sleep.

Tennyson has a cute way of self-soothing.  She likes to put a finger in her belly button.  She usually does it when she is tired, stressed, or upset.  I think it is cute, well... who doesn't love a toddler tummy hanging out.  My only concern is that one day she will be 5 at school with her shirt pulled up.  We have started putting a onesie on her during her waking hours to see if we can limit it to sleeping.
Hanging out in the living room.

 Waiting for breakfast.


KT said...

awww I love miss tummy girl. I just got the bee shirt out for Sailor to start wearing! Another reason you need to get your butt home so they can dress like twiners together!

Karisa and John said...

Very clever girl! I will have to try out her calming method next time I'm stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, next time Cole has a terrible 2 tantrum, and next time I'm just exhausted!