Monday, May 25, 2009

A Crafty Husband!!

I don't thing husbands like being called "crafty". I am only helping my Dad with a little ribbing.

I do think that Jason is talented with his hands in so many ways...

For his Christmas present I gave him a Damascus Steel Knife from Two Finger Knife (it will get you extra points from your husband). You can have them finish the knife for you or you can let your husband do it. Jason finished his while we were in Idaho and of course wanted to make more.

He made a knife for his Dad and one for my Dad. He fancied them up by adding a gold inlay. His Dad's has a 3 initial diamond monogram and my Dad's has his cattle brand. His Dad's handle is made from burled maple and my Dad's from Amboyna (I guess Ferrari uses it inside their cars).

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