Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things you missed this week.

2 new teeth, lots of dirty diapers, she told me potty and I didn't realize that was what she said until she was already wet, Night at the Museum 2, "firepower", Cafe Rio dinners, Gunpowder chicken, Grahm accidents in their many forms, Jayce took a soccer ball to the face - kicked by an adult and no tears!, Jayce claims his special field trip lunch was "not healthy", Grahm is worried about the mermaids getting you (the mean ones from Peter Pan), being told that I don't know how to lead music, Charlotte hugs the phone, she calls Daddy regularly and points out the front, lots of Lego's, Lego comics, chocolate pudding pops, fever, runny noses, smoothie pops, the night I was frustrated and needed a time out - so I was going to take one -I told them to just go to bed - I was planning on coming back when I could deal - and Grahm started crying and this is what he said when I asked why because "we will die if we don't say our prayers", Orange Granitas,

Tonight I am missing you terribly. I know that this is just a moment in time, but I am very tired and thus teary. I am lonely and have heard things that have hurt my feelings. I need you to tell me that the person is an idiot and that I should not pay any attention. Its not the same when I say it. I miss you commenting on how clean the house is, it always makes me feel good that you notice and care.
Mostly I am in desperate need of a hug from you. I have commented several times this week on how hard the lot of house wife is. I would never trade it for another job. Sometimes I just wish I could have a few hour break and have the work still get done and not be waiting for me. Or to just leave and not have the work constantly whispering that it needs done. I have realized that for the few moments when you wrap your arms around me - I get that. I get my deliverance, I feel peace, safety, love, rest, and reassurance. Everything I need to pick up and keep going.

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Godfrey Family said...

even though this is directed to yours truly, I loved it. thanks for sharing.