Friday, May 29, 2009

Metamorphosis School!

Thanks to our great friend Turk Peterson, we had the pleasure of learning first hand the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly.

Nessa (short for Vanessa) emerged from her cocoon early on May 13. We tried feeding her some syrup. She only crawled through it, and made me worry we had ruined her wings. So we quickly took her outside so she could finish drying and find food when she was ready. Her are some pictures of our beautiful butterfly.
Her home!

All stretched out.

The next part, you have to view like a flip movie.

So proud of his butterfly!

Oh, its moving!

Cool, its still moving!

Right about this time I realized we were about to have a freak out. I snapped these pictures in succession as fast as I could. Nessa was moving quickly. I had to stop taking pictures to calm him down and remove her to some where safe.

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