Monday, May 25, 2009

Some back blogging!!

A couple weeks ago I was guilted (not a word) by a friend of mine. I told her I had once again forgotten to bring her baby gift with me to church. She quickly forgave me and told me that she could wait for anything handmade from me. Haha!! I thought, I have only once made a baby gift for anyone and sorry - but yours is store bought. However, it made me start thinking about making something for all the new mothers. So, I quickly made a game plan. Here is what I did one week.
I made two pair of boy shoes, first time - I like how they turned out.

I also made Charlotte a spring coat.

So, if you are having a baby any time in the near future - you will get a pair of baby booties. Sorry to spoil the surprise.


Katie said...

I LOVE mine:) Think I can possibly get a pattern? :)

Echo said...

Sorry for the guilt trip, however I'm not sorry about the results! I'm delighted with these darling shoes! Everyone that I show the shoes to is totally impressed, and several have said "seriously, WHO actually makes baby shoes?" Micah Geary that's who! She rocks. Thank you so much for being such a thoughtful and talented friend.