Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apple Pie Caramel Apples!!! UPDATED

Have you ever had an Apple Pie Caramel Apples? You Should!! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory makes them. They are well worth the $5. However, I live about an hour from the nearest store. So my cravings go unsatisfied more often then not.

As I was getting ready for Grahm's Birthday Party (more to come) and trying to decide what to do. I decided to make caramel apples and then thought I should make them super caramel apples. I hunted online for a recipe or how to - but no one was helping.

So, based on my last memory of the Apple Pie Caramel Apple I went to work.

First - you need crisp apples (mine were not - still good - just not to die for!!). I like Granny Smiths.

Second - you need dipping caramel. I usually make my own, but for speed and kids - I grabbed the Kraft Caramel squares. Just follow the directions. I did encountered problems, but disaster was averted (see the caramel decided to keep running even after being cooled!!). Any hints on dipping apples in caramel?
POST EDIT: I was helping a friend make these and we added less water then the package of Kraft Caramel squares says and it worked much better.

Third - you need white chocolate for dipping. Do not use vanilla flavored candy coating - must be chocolate.

Fourth - you need apple pie spices and sugar. I used my apple pie recipe as a guide.
3/4 C Sugar
1tsp Cinnamon (I added a little more)
1tsp Nutmeg (I used fresh, so I used a little less)

UPDATE:  Use Brown Sugar and Cinnamon (I still think a little nutmeg is fun).

After dipping the apples in caramel let set (I did not cover the entire apple in caramel). Dip the apples in white chocolate, let excess run off (I did not cover all the caramel). Then roll in sugar and spices before the chocolate hardens. Sit on wax paper.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. YUMMIEST APPLES EVER!!!!

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KT said...

ooooh I'm soooo excited I have to try these because there my favorite...hmm maybe for new years even!!