Monday, October 26, 2009

Picture Time!

Please Vote!!! Or leave feedback -pointers something!!




More pictures to come - they just take tooooo long to upload. I think the bokeh is too distracting in these pictures - maybe? FYI - those eyes are all natural!! (Grahms in the group picture are not - I had to steal them from another pciture - you never get all 3 to look)!!


Katie said...

your kids are just gorgeous. I love the first one of Jayce- those blue eyes just pierce thru you. I love the tones in that one versus the other... I know nothing about editing, but if there was someway to dull the background just a tad- the pic would be even more perfect.

Godfrey Family said...

looks great. I'll send you a link that has an action that might help with the lighting.