Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Her Latest Obsession

Ever since our first little snow storm that gave Charlotte a taste for snow (figuratively and literally) she has been begging to go out in it.

Tonight as we left the house she tried to pick up a thin layer of snow to eat - I am picturing all the dirt and grime that she also picked up and quickly get rid of the snow.  Tears of course follow.

On our way into the house she is crying to play in the snow - but it is late, dark and cold.  She quickly is distracted by the fact that their is plenty of snow to eat off the floor in our entry way.  Once again - I am picturing dirt - so I do a Mom freak out and she cries.

I turn away for a moment only to turn back and find her licking the bottom of Grahms boot - there is snow in the tread!  I should have let her eat her snow. 

At this point I am now willing to oblige her and I run out into the storm to make a snowball that she can eat in peace!

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KT said...

Haha! Atalyn does that too. Every time we're in the car I look at her and shes trying to eat the last flecks that managed to stick to her boots...Yuck!