Monday, December 21, 2009

Turning Two!!

She officially turned two this month!  Wow - what a ride.  She is just so stinkin' cute and makes us smile.  I love it when she jumps, when she says Ho! Ho! MERRRRY Christmas!  I love watching her play with dolls - she is potty training her dolls. 

For the big celebration she requested hot dogs and fries and Cake Pops of course.  Since we celebrated her Birthday in June we kept it small - we gave her a book (A Fany Nancy) and some shoes she needed.  My Mom gave her an outfit -knickers and a sweater - so cute!! (she decided to celebrate her Birthday on the official day and not the unBirthday day). 

PhotobucketTurning two brings some serious officialy changes - no more sippy cups, no more whole milk - and the biggie no more Binky!  I knew eliminating the binky would be difficult for Charlotte.  She was more attached to it than either of the boys.  They never asked for it when they where upset, and she would.  When they approached two and we told them it was time to be done, THEY threw it away.  Charlotte at the mention of that would start crying!!  Oh, Dear!

Well, I remembered reading once that a mom had slowly cut up the binky.  So we tried this.  We started in October.  I cut a slit, two nights later I made the whole bigger.  Two nights later I made it bigger and so on, until the nub was barely big enough to hold on with her teeth.  She stopped asking for it and it disappeared.  By November we were binky free!!


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Katie said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Charlotte!!