Monday, December 7, 2009

Humble Pie a la mode

This past Saturday was our Branch Christmas Party. Jayce and his friend Jack were singing a duet, Away in a Manger. Of course Jason had to work and asked that I try and record the performance for him. I told him in advance that I didn't think I could. The performance was going to be in The Chapel, the most sacred room in our meeting house. This is where we partake of the Sacrament.

After getting everyone dressed for the party and arriving late, I asked our Branch President if I would be permitted to use a camcorder during the performance. He informed me that it would be okay, since this was a very relaxed meeting. I was still feeling nervous and guilty about it. Under normal circumstances recordings of any kind are not permitted in the Chapel, no pictures, no audio recordings and no video recordings.

I had it all planned out, I was going to sit near the front and very discreetly video the performance of Jayce and Jack singing. When it was their turn, I sat Charlotte on the bench next to me (so she would not shake the camera) and started to get ready to record. She started to cry, which meant you would not be able to hear the singing.

So, I stood up to dash to the back of the room with Charlotte and camera. I think everyone noticed us and my camera. I was dying. A great friend offered to take Charlotte for me. A little relief, still dying of embarrassment.

This was quickly replaced by pride as Jayce and Jack started singing.

Then Sunday night when Jason was home we hooked everything up to the TV to watch the performance and wouldn't you know it, there was nothing. I must have forgotten in all the craziness to push record. I am taking it as a further lesson that some things should not be done in Holy Places. I try very hard to teach my children the sacred nature of our church buildings and I think I still need lessons also. Humbling!!

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