Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Ornaments!

After Super Saturday I had some memory frames I needed to do something with.  I had them because when I went to order them the company I wanted to order them from did not have them in stock.  The second time in 1 month - should have been a clue.  So I ordered them from another company and I knew they where different, but when they arrived I was too emberassed at how cheap and crappy they where to let any one have them.  So I checked back with the compnay I liked and they were back in stock.  They were much better.

So - I had 14 extra frames.  What to do?  My Mom has been wanting to put photos on the tree, like Pottery Barn has for the last few years.  I realized that these frames where nice ane light weight and would work great - they are only 1.5 inches - so a little small - but I like them!!

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