Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dr. Jekyll

Since we moved here Charlotte has an ever growing number of things she sleeps with. I really try to keep the numbers to 4 things at the most. She always sleeps with a couple of dolls and then she adds in whatever new thing she has or recently rediscovered toy. The most recent addition is a snake.  I don't think in a few years that she would be able to sleep through the night with a snake in her bed even if it is plastic.

I have spent the last few days elbow deep in paint. I am finally getting Tennyson's room painted and the ceilings in Charlotte's and my room painted as well as the hallway.  Since I have been a little distracted my sweet little girl moved out and a mischievous little girl moved in. 

This new daughter of ours likes to sneak into the art drawer and glue card stock circles (from a happy meal) onto the walls in her room.  She likes to dump several large cupfuls of water onto the bathroom floor and onto a pillow that was for some reason in the bathroom.  She finds it necessary to remove all of the books from the shelf (about 50), bring all of her toys from her room into the living room (not to play with).  She is also starting to have accidents again after more than a year of none.  Also this little girl and her big brother Grahm (with help from Jayce) decided to use washable crayons (because the really are good for this add a little water and isntant face paint) and markers to draw on Charlotte and Grahms face just before basketball practice and pictures.

I think the little alarm is going off in my head - she needs more attention and love.  We need to bake some cookies together and read stories.

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Karisa and John said...

Oh that's interesting-- Benson is doing the same thing now. We thought we were over the terrible 2s, and then he's relapsed with attention-seeking naughty behavior. Even though they can't explain their feelings very well, it's probably the same issue-- just needing more mom time. Good luck with Charlotte! To me, that girl can do no wrong. She seems like such a sweetheart.