Monday, May 2, 2011

My Time Half Gone

As Jayce's Birthday approached I had the realization that my time with him is half gone.  Yes, I do realize that parenting does not end when they turn 18, but I am afraid my influence will drastically decrease at that point.  He will move out (unless I can talk him into saving money for another year before his mission).  I started freaking out, I know that I have not wisely used the time I have had.  I hope that the next 9 years I am more focused on what is important and that I can fully prepare him for the challenges and the wonder that this life has to offer.

For his Birthday we were treated to steak, mashed potatoes and grave, jicama, tomatoes, broccoli, grapes, and cheddar biscuits.

We cooked him an extra large biscuit because every time we make them, they fight over who gets the biggest one.  This resulted in Jayce not even finishing his steak or eating much else that he chose.

I am very proud of you Jayce.  You are an amazing son, you help out so much with your little brother and sisters.  You deal with my impatience, bring me Diet Coke's on ice when I need them, comfort Tennyson when I am distracted, help with chores, and so much more.  You surprise me with how smart you are and how quickly you learn things.  I love that you have a love of reading - reading is magical.  A few things that you love Legos, Greek Mythology, jumping on the trampoline, guns, science, Basketball.  You don't like cake, but you do like cake pops.

My favorite part of  Birthday's are watching the siblings, they are so excited and so want to be a part of it all.  So cute.

 Happy Birthday Jayce!

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