Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jayce's Percy Jackson Birthday Party

First off, a little disclaimer - this party just does not feel up to my standards of making it extra special.  It is hard to plan things when you can't run to your standby stores - Target, Walmart, etc..

I got the idea for the invitations from Thepeanutone's Weblog (just found it in a blog search).  I used a font called PiRhoHerak, you can get it for free on the web.

Sons and Daughters of the Gods!

Please join us in the celebration of Jayce’s 9th Birthday

Camp Half Blood

April 23, 2011 from 1:00 – 3:00pm

Please note that Camp Half Blood has moved to the Isle of Okinawa, our house.
We will practice warrior training, and Ancient Greek. Dionysus will provide the drinks; Demeter will provide the snacks and cake.

Please send an Iris message letting us know whether you’ll be able to attend or if you have been sent on some other Quest. If you are out of Golden Drachmas, you may call 99999999or e-mail to be connected to Micah, daughter of Hera, Goddess of Motherhood.

Please wear protective gear for the anticipated visit of Apollo (sunscreen). If Zeus throws rain and lightning bolts our way, we will watch The Lightning Thief.

 Well it was raining that morning and I thought we were going to be watching the movie.  It finally stopped 30 minutes before the party started and I was assuming that it would be to wet outside. 

As the guests arrived they pulled a name tag out of a bowl (the Oracle).  On the tag it said...
Son/Daughter of HEPHAESTUS
God of Fire
or some other God or Goddess.  Then they were given a Greek alphabet sheet and they were to write their name in Greek.  Jayce requested to be Son of Hades, God of the Underworld.

About 10 minutes into the movie Jason and I looked at each other and said this is not going to work.  Only 3 of the kids were actually watching.  So I ran over to the park area and checked it for small ponds.  It was dry.  So we armed them all with foam swords and gave half of them blue headbands and we went to play capture the flag.  I thought it was fun, but their was a lot of fighting and I couldn't be a referee the whole time.  I guess I needed to make the rules easier to follow or make up more rules. 
After 3 rounds of this we switched to Medusa Freeze Tag. I kept adding Medusas because they were having a hard time getting anyone frozen or keeping them frozen. After awhile all of the girls (Medusas) came up with a game plan of guarding their tagged victims. The boys were getting so mad, but I figured we needed to be flexible at that point. So after the girls finally had all the boys tagged - I made the 4 biggest complainers be Medusas (Jayce was one of them).

 Being guarded.

I let them play one more round of Capture the Flag before we headed in for snacks and ice cream.  We served Sprite, Grape Soda (of course), Root Beer, Grapes, Doritos, and Oatmeal Fudge Bars.  Since Jayce does not like cake he makes it hard to make anything, but we tried.  He wanted a sword before we established that he really didn't want cake.  So I came up with this idea and had Jason execute it.
 I wanted to find small toy snakes, but no luck.  So I tried to pipe some from chocolate - I wont tell you what I think they look like.

He was way too spoiled.  He added to his Nerf gun collection, water guns and swords, Lego's and books. 


Katie said...

Looooooooooove the medusa cake! Those 'snakes' are awesome:p

Jennifer said...

Well I'm doing a Percy Jackson party for my sons 10th birthday. So I have a few questions? How did you play the flag game? What was the Medusa head made of (ice cream)? I think thats what my mom is wanting to make is a Medusa cake, & I'm trying to get idea's right now.

Micah C said...

Jennifer, If I remember right. Each team was given a flag on a pole or stick and then given time to hide it in their area. I said the flag had to be visible. Once everyone was ready they would be given the GO. The object of the game is to capture the opposing teams flag and return it to your side of the battlefield. I permitted them to leave a few players near their flag, but with the rule of no guarding to the point that getting the flag is impossible. THey had swords to fight with when they encountered an enemy. I can't remember if so many hits and you had to go to jail or a body hit and you had to go to jail. Of course no hitting in the face or sensitive areas. The cake was made out of ice cream. I put it into two bowls and refroze it and then put them together. I saved some to shape the nose with. Let me know if you have any other questions. jasonmicah at yahoo dot com.

curtis03 Lewis said...

Jayce's Percy Jackson Birthday Party!! The idea was nice and everything just turned out to be very enjoyable. The cake is weird but extremely funny. I am pleased that everyone loved it. At the garden event venue in LA I also will host DIY party for my son and will surely give this cake a try.