Monday, September 12, 2011

Some of What You Missed

Since Jason is gone for a little while (very short compared to most - lucky us).  I thought I should write down some of what he is missing so we don't forget to share.  This also explains my less than stellar posting.  Hopefully we will get into a groove soon.

1.  The Bouncy Palooza guy now has authority at the cross walk - orange vest, sign and notebook.  Watch out, this time he might really call the police if you make him think you aren't minding him.
2.  The front door knob fell off and I fixed it.  Only after a near ruin.  It looked like it just popped off, so I was going to line up all the stuff and snap it back on.  Didn't work - I even got out the hammer - and before I really let it have it I noticed the threads.  Lucky you.
3.  Picked up Jayce's football gear.  Sink or swim for this momma.  It was in a warehouse - almost the entire league showed up.  It was hot and crowded.  It is going to be a fun season.  Everyone wanted to know why Grahm was not playing.  Jayce is still not a fan of locker room situations - he finally tried on the game pants- but was slow.  When we came out it was raining and we didn't care we were so hot.  Fed the kids BK (hopefully the only time while you are gone).  This is going to be fun.
4.  We had the best Yakisoba at a friends.  Wow!  and veggie tempura.  This little green pumpkin and sweet potato were so yummy.  The boys tried to use good manners - but shrimp was involved.  We went for a walk and had to head back early for Charlotte to use the restroom.  She almost made it, instead we had to mop their floor!  Think they will have us back?
5.  Jayce is a pre-teen.  9 going on 18.
6.  I burnt my arm on the heating element in the oven.  Kind of browned the skin weird.  Didn't hurt at all.  The next morning since I didn't feel it toweled it off and broke the blister, the skin was white underneath.  Still no pain - is that bad?  I am grateful.
7.  Tennyson now shakes what her Momma gave her.  So funny.
8.  She tried to walk to me today.
9.  I jumped in and we picked the berries that we think are mulberries and made a pie (the burnt arm).  It was yummy and we are all still alive.
10.  Hopefully unrelated, Grahm has a sever abdominal ache tonight.
11.  Tennyson is sick (second time in her life).  103.1
12. Lyndz saved us.  I went to back to school night and she took the other three to football practice.
13.  I actually kind of like the teachers.  A little more communication goes along way.  We will still watch and hope the boys start to flourish.
14.  Drew is on Grahm's soccer team.  Charlotte is in heaven, she missed Eva.

Miss you tons.

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Mike said...

good for you for keeping it up without your support. Im leaving for a week on friday and I almost dread to hear what will happen while I am gone. You guys are pretty good at coping I must say..