Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taught Line Hitch

This post is for my Dad.  1.  So you can say ooh- My daughter can tie some mean knots.  2.  So you can check before the storm hits and tell me if I need to do something different.

The rope is continuous with a taught line hitch in both ends.

The storm coming is only a Tropical Storm and not a Typhoon (well for the moment).  I forgot to wear gloves and my sissy hands are complaining.  I have 4 blisters on my right hand and missing some skin on the left.  But I did it all by myself.  Well - Charlotte helped feed the rope around for me and Tennyson crawled around the web.

What my Dad said!!

None of my crew can tie knots that well!  Nice Job!
  Love you,


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Jen said...

Way to go! I remember when I had to prepare for Hurricane Ophelia when Mike was in Iraq. It's a lot of work but worth the effort once it's all over and no major damage happens. Our neighbors in WI didn't tie down their brand new trampoline a couple of weeks after we moved and had renters move in. Then some brutal winds/storms came through causing their trampoline to bust up some of the eaves on our roofing. That was a really fun $250 to spend!