Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What you missed - Part Ni (2 in Japanese)

1.  Tennyson can get in the tub all by herself.  Meaning I was ironing Charlotte's skirt and Charlotte was taking a bath.  Charlotte managed to keep her head up after the initial dunk.  She is scary.
2.  Tennyson likes to play in toilet water.  I survived 2 boys who never put me through as much.  She is so busy.
3.  We love football. We HATE football. We love football.
4.  It now takes over an hour to walk home from school.  Jayce has a friend.  That leaves no time for homework before practices and dinner.  They are threatened with their lives if it continues.  The first time I started to get really nervous.
5.  Hand, Foot, and Mouth.  That is why Tennyson was sick.  If the other kids hadn't contracted it, I would never have known.  She had only 1 blister on her foot that I could see and the ones in her mouth were not too bad or she would have cried more about eating.  The other 2 (Charlotte and Grahm) only had a handful of blisters on their hands and feet and some in their mouths.  Charlotte had at least 1 on the inside of each eyelid - weird.  Grahm's tonsils were scary huge.
6.  Ice Cream every night before bed, they are all so hungry when we get home at about 8pm.  They have to eat dinner about 4:30pm.
7.  Charlotte and I ate at BK on day for lunch, but I have managed to cook something for dinner every night.
8.  Tennyson eats mostly our food now, she doesn't want baby food.


Jen said...

It's always the busiest when Daddy is away, isn't it? Sounds like you handling like a champ though.

Mike said...

I didnt know that Jason was gone. I will stop leaving him voice messages. I like ice cream before bed the best.