Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Visualizing Time

Charlotte asks every day how much longer until Daddy comes home.  So instead of daily trying to put it in terms she can understand we made a chain to help us count down.  She had fun helping on this project, I guess I need to let her help more often.  Now she doesn't have to ask how long until he is home - just when can we cut off one of the links.  It was a trade.  It definitely brightens up the room.  The boys were a little surprised at how long the chain is, I guess for them visualization was not so great.

*****Please tell me when you see a bad spelling or grammatical error, how embarrassing.******


Jen said...

What a sweet idea! I wish I would have thought of that. However, Annie was only 2 for most of his absence (Mimi just an infant), so it have made no sense to her. I hope Jason is doing well.

Karisa and John said...

Oh man, that's a long chain. (But you're right, it could be much worse.) Good luck being a single mom for a little while! Hope the time passes quickly.