Monday, July 6, 2009

And a Very Merry UnBirthday to You!!

I love Alice in Wonderland!!


We had every good intention of celebrating Charlottes 18 month old Birthday on the day.

We have decided that we are going to give her a big Birthday bash on her UnBirthday (which is June 14, its a 6 month thing) so she wont get lost in the Holiday rush.

However, Jason was out of town on the day and it has been crazy busy since he has been back. So here we are, July 6. I don't think she minded.

We celebrated with Pizza, bread sticks, cranberry-sprite, and chips and dip.

Charlotte was given -

little tea set for playing in the pool

bracelet and necklace

a pink ball

a silky (so she can stop sleeping with my pajamas)
slippers (excuse the bad exposure on this pic - they are a nice pink with hot pink tulle)

tutu (excuse the bad exposure on this pic)

Pink-My Little Pony with a cowboy hat
and a Fropper

We then enjoyed cake pops with princess candles!

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