Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garbage to Education?

I know that none of you have this kind of poison in your pantry's. However, occaisonally it makes an appearance into mine. It seems to be a Thanksgiving necessity - on my celery sticks.
Well once Thanksgiving is over what am I to do with the rest.....?

This summer (not the same can from Thanksgiving - but it would probably last that long!!) I decided that instead of answering their requests for funny faces, tornadoes, Mickey Mouse, Batman or whatever else they could think of. I would do this...Photobucket
Grahm has to tell me what the letter is and give the sounds before he can eat his snack. Soon I think we will try some short words.
Since Jayce is doing lots of other summer reading we are working on his math.
He has to give the correct answer before he can eat his.
Here he is pretending to think, just for my pictures!!!

I will have to think of other educational snacks!! Keeps snacking intersting.


Katie said...

Awesome idea! I am going to use this for sure! I'd love to hear any other ideas you have too:)

Kaleb and Abby Widmier said...

Could you be any more brilliant??? I think not...I hope you keep your blog going for a lifetime!!! I will need it to get through parenting when I get the opportunity! :)Thanks, Micah, for all of your ideas!

Micah said...

This is a great idea, I plan to try it with my own children. Thanks for sharing it.


BTW, Great Name LOL! :)