Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The End!!

The last of my summer clothes sewing is done (I think - it might need an applique or something...). My dear Mother made this one a challenge for me - she said I had to do piping. It is definitely not perfect - but this dress is for slides, swingsets, flower picking, firefly chasing, mud pie making (if I look the other way) and whatever else summer brings.



I love the colors and of course the ruffle bums!!

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Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Love, love, love and need that sweet little outfit!!! Do tell the pattern...
As for the cute suit on my blog (sorry, hate when I ask questions and get this lame answer...) it is from Gap outlet, five years ago. We are a house full of hand me downs and rarely need to buy new clothes any more. Wish I could say.. oh, I just grabbed it at Target yesterday.