Friday, July 10, 2009

Bad Mom or Brilliant Mom?

Since Jayce has been home from school there has been way too much sibling bickering going on. It is completely driving me up the wall.
You think everything is going great and suddenly Grahm starts screaming! And yes, Grahm needs to stop screaming and it takes two to fight. Every time I get on their case about something - like cleaning the playroom- Jayce takes it out on Grahm. I guess Jayce thinks they are in trouble because of Grahm and not because of anything he has done.

So - when the fighting started up again for the hundredth time the other day - I did this.
First they struggled and I was worried that they would hurt themselves- it was just a little piece of yarn. I tied it loose enough that they could slip their hands out one at a time. However, Jayce would have needed to calm down enough to realize this. I had to tell them to stop trying to break it.
Taking a picture of him at this moment was not considered acceptable - At All. Poor Grahm (not innocent - but did he deserve to be tied to this angry beast?). Photobucket

Jayce finally submitted and they started to finish cleaning up the playroom together!!Photobucket
Yeah - team work!!

I did have to untangle them once - not sure how they got crossed up!
Hopefully no one calls the police -no injuries occurred (except maybe a little pride - what I will not do for reader entertainment!!).


Katie said...

Way to go Mom! You never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas. ANd it worked. They worked together to clean it up! I have been dealing with bickering as well... not fun... but since Lu is so small I think Jack may dislocate her arm if I tried this.

Tim and Sara said...

I did this with two little girls that wouldn't stop fighting each other in a summer day camp. I'm even meaner because I made them do it all day. I think it's a great idea. I know my friend's mom made her and her sister play board games together for an hour every day after they ruined a family vacation with their bickering. Way to go, Mom!