Friday, July 3, 2009

Soccer Camp

Soccer Camp was a wonderful experience for all of us. It was a long, busy, tiring week, but in a very satisfied way. I know some Moms prefer to have only one day a week occupied by soccer. Me, I like to cram it all in and be done.

Every morning there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth. They both hated soccer. Every afternoon there would be laughing and recounting of each kick. They both loved soccer. We did this for 5 days. They both made friends and really enjoyed the coaches. I think Jayce had just about every thing he had signed by Chico (#25 for the Wave).
Here is Grahm playing in the dirt. His focus on dirt is amazing!!

Grahm, it turns out, is a lady's man. He usually was hanging out with the girls. There were blond twins (Lola and Liddia).

However, by the end he had decided on a little brunette (the daughter of the camp director and plays for the Wave) named Capri (not sure how to spell it). Super cute, he has good taste - I just wish he still wanted to only marry me. He currently is not ready to give me up, so he is to be a polygamist!!

He also told me that there was a "seven human" in his class. Which means a seven year old!! Jayce worked hard and played hard. He was almost carried away by the mosquitoes, but managed to escape with a decent amount of bites. He made two good friends (they are in red), Adam and ....

The camp finale was a water fight that even my two boys participated in without any tears. They also held a raffle. They called for the "one with the mohawk" to draw the winner. Grahm picked himself. He won a massage for me and an official Wave jersey, it is Brett Weisner's - #14. He hardly will take it off. He does take it off for meals, because he is worried about getting it dirty. He really wanted to take it to church!! By the way, I am not allowed to touch the jersey - even thought it is my size.

My only regret is that I did not put Jayce in camp before this.

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