Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Check out the Bow Tie!

Anything missing...  like a date?

Once again a formal event has arrived and I am not at it.  I think he does it on purpose.  He hates going to formal events, while I love them (I think - I never get to go). 

We missed all formal events while he was enlisted.  He claimed there was too much drinking, since we don't drink - how could that be fun for us.  We missed the Senior Ball at Dental School because we were going to save our money and go to Hawaii.  That wasn't going to happen so he claimed it was too late to pay and say we wanted to go.  This time my baby is only 1 month old, so I don't really want to go - but he didn't even ask.  He told me that we had to pay awhile ago and it was too late to change.

So he is off to the Ball while I am home with our 4 amazing children eating cold cereal and oatmeal with tapioca pudding for dessert.  I hope his commander ordered him Chicken since he never made a meal selection!!

I do think he is handsome all dressed up.  I love the bow tie.

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Jen said...

Handsome! Fit to be in the movie Officer and a Gentleman. Too bad you've never gotten an opportunity to go, but I agree that if you're not a drinker then it gets awkward throughout the night. Unless you happen to have a lot of Mormons in your group...LOL. It is fun to dress up like a princess once in a while though:)