Tuesday, November 16, 2010

While my Mom and Sister were here!

My Mom and Sister came to visit to help while we were adjusting to a new baby.  They arrived about a week before Tennyson did and we packed it with fun.

We went shopping, Hung Out, Snorkeling,

Basketball Workout!

Yummy Treats - that I missed out on!

Mexico has worms in their drinks, we have deadly viper's (Habu) in ours!

Jason lost a bet!!

It was too much fun and I hope they come again soon. 


Jen said...

That does look like a fun-filled and adventurous visit with your mom and sister. All 3 of you ladies are so gorgeous, too!

Katie Irion said...

Micah, your sister is adorable. We do need to set her up with Ricky's brother. Do you remember the one time you saw him out here and asked about him? He's available and just the best. Where is your sister??