Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is a roller slide at a park near us.  The slide is a series of rollers (thus we call it a roller slide).  When you slide down these slides they generate a lot of heat on your rear end - as my boys and Jason have found.  The Americans bring cardboard to slide on and the Japanese slide on their feet.  We don't like the cardboard and the feet thing is a little hard for little children to master.  So we found that my knee pad for gardening is the best - really increases your speed!!

 Charlotte and Jason caught up with Grahm!

This slide is what we call the drop slide!

 To enter this slide you hang from a bar and then drop!

 A view from the top - it really is a steep drop!
 Me contemplating the necessity of me enjoying this experience.  It took me a little while, but I did finally do it.  I requested Jason not document my stressed face as I slid - so no proof!

 Meanest Dad in the World!
She says it was fun, but like a smart girl would not go again.  (He did drop her twice).

Other playground equipment for climbing!

 Proof I survived the slide and posing in front of what we call an Avatar tree (This picture is for my sister Hannah!).


Jen said...

What a cool place! How come the pesky Americans don't have something like this (preferably inside and near Kenosha so we have somewhere to go during this brisk winter). It's too bad they don't provide something to keep from burning your bums. That "drop" slide looks too scary for even me. Obviously, you all survived, so it must be safe. Poor Charlotte being forced to go down that monstrosity.

Karisa and John said...

John and I cracked up when we saw Charlotte going down that slide. Her posture and facial expression say it all! Poor girl! Although we are SO IMPRESSED that she was cheerful about it at the end. Wow.

KT said...

When I come all we're going to do is check out the crazy parks! the first picture of the slide looks like it was small....till you see the pics with you guys on them holy moly!! Soo fun laughed the whole time I read this post!

Hannah Miller said...

so I just watched Avatar. this made my day