Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful For...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am Thankful for:
1. Never ever going hungry.
2.  All the clothes I need.
3.  A roof over my head.
4.  Reliable vehicles (and a husband that can fix them).
5.  Healthy children (except for last night - Grahm lost his Thanksgiving Dinner several times).
6.  An Eternal Family.
7.  The best husband ever.
8.  Freedom to do as I choose.
9.  Great Friends.
10.  More blessings than I can count.

Hope you had a wonderful day!


Mike said...

Happy Thanksgiving you guys. We miss having you guys over and having fun. The girls ask about the boys all the time, if we even get near Milwauke they ask if we are going by Jayce and Grahms house. I hit a deer with our brand new suburban :(

Katie said...

I am thankful for you!

Jen said...

It's good to see you guys enjoying Thanksgiving, even in Japan:) Hope you ate as much delicious food as we did. I'm still full.