Thursday, May 6, 2010

Charlotte's Easter Dress!

More proof that girls are more spoiled than boys, Charlotte's Easter clothes get an entire post dedicated to them. 

Yes, I made her dress again this year.  I started something with the first dress I made her and now I feel like I can't buy one or I would be letting myself down and others - ah! pressure!

I used a vintage dress pattern again (in fact it is the same one as last Easter and last Fall).  It was going to be a different pattern, but she does not grow as fast as my boys did.  I always put them in clothes that cooridinated with their age, not Charlotte!  I enlarged the bodice just a touch to make sure if she did grow she would not be out of it in a month and lengthened it. 

I still wanted the look of the other pattern, so she has a big square collar.  The collar is great because it is removable.  The first sunday she wore it she ended up with crayon on the collar and goldfish- so nice that I could just wash the collar!

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Katie said...

What a beautiful girl... in a beautiful dress :)