Friday, May 28, 2010

Maxi Dress Process

Can I call it a Maxi Dress?  It is not as full as most maxi dresses, when you have a protruding belly it makes it hard to see if the fit is going to work after the belly is gone.

The one thing I wanted this dress to do was to work after the baby is here, so that means nursing.  I needed front easy access!

I realized that a modest maxi dress was basically a Regency Era dress - think Jane Austin - Emma, Pride and Prejudice, etc...

So I found a book that documents some pieces from museums and gives you a graphed pattern, I had a pattern in my stash that had similar lines. 

I started with one, switched to the other, combined the two, fidgeted and fussed.  I made 6 different bodices, and 4 sleeves.   

I think every time I look at it I find something I would do different or needs tweaked.  I see why my Mom didn't like sewing for herself.

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Jen said...

You are ver talented and brilliant to combine all those patterns/designs into what you came up with. And, to think ahead for nursing clever.