Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Post For Daddy's To Be!!

This pregnancy Jason has had a couple of really good faux pas.  I thought I would write them down, so I can make sure he never forgets. 

I might have not gotten the wording just right, but this is basically what he said.

1.  This is said to the pregnant wife, while going through first trimester yucks.
"You weren't sick with the other ones, right?" 
Wife glares and thinks husbands have a better pregnancy memory loss than women.  My Mom verified that my Dad made the same comment and my Mom was deathly ill with all 6 pregnancies.

2.  While talking to someone from his past and someone wife has never met.  The topic of who they know that is having babies comes up.  Husband segways with  "She is usually not this fat, we are expecting another one."  I laugh - because I am still too happy about having had my ultrasound earlier that day and I am holding the worlds  cutest baby swimsuit - so who cares, but I did remind him he was an idiot later.  He tried to redeem himself by claiming that the shirt I was wearing made it hard to tell if I was pregnant.

Love you Jason!!


Katie said...

Gotta love husbands:) Can we see the swimsuit??

Jen said...

Sometimes men just don't get it, do they? Jason means well though.