Monday, May 24, 2010

When You Have a Daddy's Girl

When you have a Daddy's girl and Daddy is gone for a week she will miss him terribly.  Last week while Jason was gone Charlotte had a hard time. 

Everytime we would pull into the drive way and she would see his car she would get excited and tell us that Daddy's home!  I would explain to her that he was not home yet and she would immediately start to cry.  Not cry a little, but seriously start bawling.  It would take several minutes to console her and she would go about her day until the next time she would realize that he was gone when he should be home!

She loves her Daddy.

(Picture Spring 2009)

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Jen said...

That's sweet! Glad to know that Charlotte got her Daddy back this week. Mimi is definitely the daddy's girl in our family.