Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Fused Plast Project I Wanted to Do!

When I first saw fused plastic projects I wanted to make a bib (see previous post for links to fusing tutorials).  There are these one style of bibs that I LOVE!!!  They work, they actually catch crumbs, drips and spills.  The bib has a snap up pocket, best design ever.  Easy to clean!  The only problem is they get holes in the corners and are not cute at all. 

I once fused vinyl on to cute fabric and had a cute waterproof bib for awhile, but the vinyl got holes in it.  So I ripped off the vinyl and still use the fabric bib today and it is still cute and works.  Except when she spill chocolate milk - then it just soaks through.

The Starburst bib was easy to make, relatively cheap - but I don't think it will hold up any better than the other versions.  Holes to come in the corners.  So I think I will stick to fabric.


JulieAnn said...

So cute! I really like that idea.

Jen said...

How cool! Another idea to steal from you:) I really need to make a bunch of bibs for Violet, so this is on my to-do list now.