Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where I've Been

I disappeared on Monday morning of last week and finally emerged triumphant (or at least I hope so) today.  While Jason was out of town I decided to tackle a new project without him making me feel guilty because I have tunnel vision.  You can tell by how my sewing area looks, that it was a project!

About a month ago I tried on a maxi dress that I just loved.  The only problems were the price tag and that it was sleeveless.  It is a beautiful denim maxi dress by Theory

So what did I do, decided I had to have it anyway and I had to have it my way.  If anyone ever hears me talking about doing something like this again - tell me NO!

I need a better model!


Chelsea said...

Seriously amazing. That's all I can say.

Katie said...

That dress is FABULOUS. And I couldn't pick a more perfect model.

You are SO talented... I am really going to miss you!!!!

Jen said...

Yowzers! You've outdone yourself especially without having a pattern to follow. You look beautiful. No need for a different model:)

Jeanna said...

I think it looks great.....the model especially! Very creative! Im glad you were the one that had to figure it out!!!XOXOXO Mom