Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day to Celebrate 6!

   How did this become this?

How can he be 6?

6 Years ago - I looked similar to this and probably felt exactly the same (minus the heat and swimsuit)

To celebrate another year come and gone for Grahm we headed to the beach to play and snorkel.

More to come of the dinner - but I have to go get my MOM!!!!!!! from the airport!!!!!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, G! It looks like you got to do something really cool for your special day. No more beach days around here these days. Brrr!

Tim and Sara said...

Micah, you look great! And happy birthday to Grahm. I hope everything goes well with baby girl's upcoming arrival!

Shalet said...

You're constantly in my thoughts. Best of luck this week with everything! Tell Grahm happy birthday from all us! We miss you. Good good luck!!!!

Karisa and John said...

YAY GRAHM! You're right, that baby picture looks nothing like him now!

Have fun with your mom! That's fabulous that she could come out to visit!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Grahm! How cool to get to swim in October!

Micah you look great! And Yeah for Moms-- So glad yours can be there to help ease the transition to a mom of 4! Can you believe it?? Best wishes- I'll be thinking about you! Can't wait to 'meet' her :)