Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This week we enjoyed a Typhoon Day (Okinawa's version of a Snow Day).  I was hoping we would get two days off, then I wouldn't have to have Jayce's Halloween costume ready for the parade at school.  Well, I was a good Mom and planned for the worst, so he was ready for the parade and he won the Scariest Costume award in his class. 

We spent today getting ready for Trick or Treating tonight.  Jason and the kids took care of the pumpkins while I finished up the costumes.  They each designed their own face!  I love how they turned out.

A vampire with scars!

She shuddered after quickly dropping the handful!
What shape do you want its eyes - circle.  What shape do you want its nose - circle.  What shape do you want its mouth - circle!

This year we had a mummy, a vampire, and a princess with a pink sword to get the bad guys (can you tell she has big brothers?).
Cape: circa Halloween 1984 (it was mine, I think I really liked being a vampire.  I picked to be a vampire several Halloweens)
To make Jayce's costume I cut cheesecloth into strips (doubled).  Dipped in coffee.  Then I sewed them to cream colored thermals.  I had to pin some of the strips on while he had the thermals on part way.  Wherever the thermals had to stretch, so over his head and his bum.
For the pink princess I painted a foam sword pink.  I couldn't find a tiara anywhere, so - I grabbed some wire and bead caps and made a tiara on a headband.  Oh! and add sparkly makeup!

They came home with too much candy, but I think Jayce said it was the best Halloween every.  He had friends to hang out with and our neighbors (there are 2 girls) had a party with a DJ and balloon man that lasted until 10.


Katie said...

Too cute! AND SCARY! I think I had the same teeth as Grahm... you'll have to show him my vampire pic-- it is on the blog. You never cease to amaze me Super Mom! Tennyson is what, 10 days old and you are already up for sewing an entire costume and putting together two others. I happily award mother of the year to you. Again :)

Jen said...

Love all the costumes. You did a great job making them. I can't believe you found the time to do all that. The mummy turned out awesome and scary:) I can't believe you couldn't find a tiara anywhere. We have them everywhere here even at the grocery store...LOL. The Japanese must not be into princesses so much as the Americans. The pink sword is hilarious. Those pumpkins are so scary:0

Katie Irion said...

Micah, you are amazing. The costumes are honestly spooky! I love Charlotte's sword. Definitely has some brothers!

Shalet said...

Good job!!