Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Bath!

Jason doesn't like pictures of babies in the tub - but I am making an exception.

Tennyson was crying before I put her in the water.  She stopped crying and really enjoyed the bath and as soon as I pulled her out of the water she started crying again.  It was a long bath, too.  I am so glad she enjoys it, she seems to be very opinionated.  When she states her opinion about something it is very intense!

How did I stumble across the coolest baby bath tub ever?

With Jayce I used a big plastic tub.  It collapsed a little for storage and came with a bath sling.  It was fine.  By the time I had Grahm, I didn't want to use the big bulky tub.  I just wanted a bath sling - easy enough.  A bath sling is great because it is small and you can wash the mesh cover when it starts to smell sour.  I bought a new one for Charlotte and was very happy. 

I went on the hunt for a new bath sling for Tennyson because the covers never make it through more than one baby - maybe I wash them too much.  I could not find one at our on base store or at the Toys R Us on the island, so I turned to Amazon.  In my search I discovered the PUJ tub.  Now I wish they would have paid me to review their product, but no such luck.

However, as a mother I am always on the hunt for good design.  I instantly fell in love.  When it arrived, I was even more excited.  Now that I have tried it, I don't want to use anything else. It lays flat to dry - no mildew, it is super soft, not cold - Love it!!


Jen said...

Aww, she looks so sweet and content in her "tub". One of my good friends discovered that her baby loved the bath, too. She had to give her a bath each night before bed in order to calm her down. My babies never really cared for the bath and still don't. I wish I had had that baby washer. That looks super cool and ingenious. You seem to find the most awesome products.

The Puj Team said...

Thank you for the great review! Glad to hear you are able to enjoy bath time with your sweet little one. All the best for you and your family.

Katie said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! Makin' me baby hungry...

T & E's Blog said...

Cool bathtub! Where did you get that???