Monday, October 18, 2010

The Messy Emotional Details!

If you  are one of those who do not like to listen to people's birth stories - then this post is not for you!

First of all, all of my pregnancies have ended with an induction.  Mostly because I never start labor before my due date.  Jayce because I was working and wanted to get the longest maternity leave I could.  Grahm and Charlotte because we lived away from family and my Mom was coming to help out and didn't want to be there with no baby.  I have never been induced early - just on my due date.  This pregnancy was no different we had an appointment scheduled so my Mom and sister would be able to spend a week helping out before they had to leave.
2 days before my appointment I had a Dr's visit and low and behold I was actually starting labor on my own!  I went snorkeling later that day - so much fun!!  The next day we went shopping (fabric stores) and ate Japanese food for lunch and curry for dinner - I was experiencing an occasional uncomfortable contraction through out the day. 
That night the adults were watching a movie and I was packing and preparing for our morning appointment (you know - shaving my legs - all the important things silly girls worry about!!).  I of course went to bed way too late and first woke at 2 am with a contraction.  Went back to sleep until 3 am and then dozed with my contractions happening every 10 minutes for an hour.  I decided at 4 am that it was time to go, so I woke up Jason and told him I was going to get ready.  I went and put on my makeup and then told him to get ready.  Once I was standing I was worried that the contractions would stop - well they didn't - they started to come closer together.  Even though Jason was not taking a long time - I knocked on the door and said hurry up (his eyes got a little bigger).  We left at a about 4:30am and arrived at the hospital before 5am.
They went ahead and admitted me because I was scheduled to come in soon any way.  When I was situated and checked I was at a 9!!!!

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Shalet said...

and, and, and,.....I'm dying to know the rest of the story here!!! How painful was it? How much longer until she came? Recovery better with/without the epidural, etc. etc. etc.

Hope you're all doing well! Miss, miss, miss you.