Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sorry - I know I have some back blogging to do - but I also wanted to jot down some thoughts as our new little angel becomes part of who we are.

Last night (Tuesday night) at about 11:30pm she saw me for the first time. 

It is so fun to watch their reactions to their new world.  She had both eyes open and I was googling baby solutions on the web and the monitor was our light.  My face must have caught her attention because she sat and stared and tracked my face for awhile.  It was a magical moment, the kind you love but never can have enough of.


Carole said...

She's gorgeous. So happy she has arrived and that your mom and sister were able to come all the way to Okinawa to help! Yay! Can't wait to hear what you have decided to name her. She's beautiful.

Tim and Sara said...

She's beautiful! Are you trying to torture us by not telling us her name yet?? :)

Katie said...

Beautiful. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Jen said...

So sweet. It's always magical when babies discover Momma for the first time.