Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Silent Gift

Motherhood can be so baffling at times. Things I would not have thought of before I think of. I have been spending lots of time trying to get all the crafts ready for Super Saturday sign ups. So I have been staying up late getting the prototypes completed, putting off Grahm's Birthday until Sunday when I wont work on crafts and I can focus on him. (Thanks to Heavenly Father for seeing the need for a Sabbath Day). It is Midnightish Saturday and we are celebrating Grahm's Birthday the next day. I have hung paper flag banners in the kitchen to make it seem more festive, but it just does not seem right. Then it hits me, I always clean my house for important days. I have not cleaned the house! So what, Grahm will not notice, he will not care if the floors have not been vacuumed or the dusting undone. He will be focused on his new toys and cake!! But I will notice and not because its messy, but because I am saying this day is not important enough to warrant a clean house. Oh, No. This will not do, his day is more important than craft night, more important than a friend stopping by for a play date. So I cleaned my house until 3 am, my silent gift. The next day did Grahm notice the mopped floors, the polished refrigerator, nope and he didn't need to. But as I played and celebrated, my house silently whispered "You matter, Your Birthday matters, Happy Birthday Grahm!!"


T & E's Blog said...

That's really cool. I love how much you love your family.

KT said...

So I totally need the instructions to do ALL your crafts!! I want to come to your super saturday!! Its WAY better than ours was. I'm not kidding I really need you to tell me how you did some stuff..especially...exploding box, scarf, and etching...I think thats the main ones but ALL would be great!! love you tons! and your doing an amazing job!