Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Week Of Halloween!! Day 1

I know I should not complain about Halloween, especially since I actually like all of the hoopla. Kids just make it hard, they are "fun suckers". Generally I have to dress them up several times, but this year we didn't do all of it. In a way I feel guilty, but I also think they might have had more fun this year. Halloween did of course last longer than its designated day.

Day 1 - Sat. October 25 - Trunk-Or-Treat

The primary provided carnival games for the kids at 1pm. We were late (Jayce had a soccer game at 11am and I was running solo - Jason has his Mannekin Exam {I know sounds fun, hehe!!}). We made it in time to play a few games and visit before Trunk-Or-Treating started. Jayce dressed up as Fire (he kept running around and pretending to burn everything and everyone). Grahm was dressed up as Water (he ran around getting everyone wet or putting out all of Jayce's fires). They looked cool and they thought they looked cool. They managed to fill their buckets to the brim (Jayce I think ended up with twice as much candy as Grahm). We came home and Grahm had a fever of 103 -yikes!!

Enjoying the first cup of Hot Cocoa of the year!!!

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