Monday, October 27, 2008

A Week of Halloween!! Day 3

Day 2 - Mon. October 27 - The Package Arrives
My Mom has been enjoying having grandsons and their love for all things creepy and she satisfies their creepy craving with a much anticipated Halloween package every year. This year was so cool. The box contained a "modern" cauldron, a recipe, and miscellaneous ingredients for concocting Witches Brew.
Some background information on this one. I come from a family of all girls (6) and my mother comes from a family of all girls (well 6 girls and the baby is a boy - and we think he is the greatest), her older sister had all girls (7), and the trend has in general continued with girls out numbering the boys even to the third generation. So as you can imagine all girls = a coven of witches. I am positive that had we lived during the days of the witch hunts our family would have been burned at the stake, how else could you get all (mostly) girls for three generations. We also have are very own family spell book, honest!! So I am sure the recipe has been handed down for generations.

Oh, You think you want the recipe:
Witches Brew (from the Kitchen of the Wicked Witch of the West)
1 vile LeRoy Browns Blood
1 package Freeze Dried Ghost
2.5 gallons H2O
2.5 lbs. Dry Fog

Stir Ghost into H2O until invisible. Add vile of LeRoy Browns Blood for flavor. Add Dry Fog till fizzy. Lightly cover so Ghost do not escape. When concoction is ready add a little pinch of this or that from additional viles to make your own magic.
What is in the other viles you ask: Ogre Pee, Fairy Dust, Spider Eyes, Spider Hearts, Ground Witches Bones, Crushed Skulls, Diced Newt Tail, Moth Cocoons, Dehydrated Northen Dragon Spit, Mice Poop, and Goblin Fingernails. Just the usual ingredients laying about a witches kitchen.

She also sent Sour Cream and Onion Crickettes and Cheddar Cheese Larvets (Oh, Yes the are Real!!!!) No witch has yet to been seen eating one, however the Male slaves have all tried them. The crickettes supposedly taste like a potato chip, the larvets on the other hand have a gross after taste and it is like having the popcorn kernel shells stuck in your teeth. Who tried them? Jason, Jayce (spit out the larvet), Grahm (didn't try the crickette), Jack Thorpe (said Yum after eating the larvet, didn't try the crickette - yet), and Greg Godfrey. Way to go boys - Fear Factor Here We Come!!! She topped off the package with a new CD with even more fun Halloween songs - the CD included titles like Thriller, LeRoy Brown, Big Jim Walker, Little Red Riding Hood, Monster Mash, Ghostbuster, Purple People Eater, etc... (I am sure I wrote down a title wrong - sorry).


Anonymous said...

guess what? I wish I could have been there!!! It osunds like you had sooooo much fun. I didn't even get any witches brew, and you know I love it! I miss all of you tons!!!! Love , Grammy xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that your computer doesn't know how to spell "sounds"
xoxoxo Grammay

Anonymous said...

Now it won't spell my name right? It must know that my birthday is in May!!! xoxoxo Grammy