Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It has been a 1.5 years since I last had my windows squeaky clean. It was the summer of '07, I had a bit of a belly (Charlotte) and it took me 2 entire days to get them all done. That is why that fall (a big belly) I said they could wait and then the next spring/summer I said not with a little baby. I finally knuckled down (I made Jason promise to help one Saturday) to get it done.

Cleaning windows in this old house is no easy job (no, I am not extremely slow). My windows consist of two exterior storm sashes and two interior sashes (the upper sash is true divided light = lots of little windows). Jason opted to clean the storms and screens. I handed him a bucket of water and vinegar, a sponge, a squeegee and a roll of paper towels. He removed all of the main level storms and took them out back. I was in charge of the interior windows, so I armed myself with all the same gear as Jason. We got really going about 10 am and finished up around 7 pm. I spent the majority of my time on the ladder cleaning the second story windows (by the way the windows are about 20' off the ground and the 24' ladder would only allow me to barely reach the upper sashes -SCARRY!!)

Lets count up the totals:

Main Level: 15 windows, 3 doors, and 2 storms doors
Upper Level: 8 windows, 1 door, and 1 storm door
Attic: 4 windows

Total Storm Sashes cleaned: 48 window sashes, double sided = 92 (skipped the attic storms, but down stairs storm door has two sashes)
Total Divided Light Sashes: 25, double sided = 46 (I did not clean the outside of the attic)
Total Solid Sashes: 29, double sided = 46 (I did not clean the outside of the attic)
Doors: 5, double sided = 10

Grand Total 194 pieces of glass cleaned (does not count individual panes of the divided light)

Jason says our next home will have no windows! I told him in the next house he will have to afford a window cleaner if he doesn't want to help!!


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KT said...

I've never seen a picture of your house. It's super Cute!