Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Week of Halloween, Day 5

Day 5 - October 29

Jayce's School Party!!! The school sent home a letter describing what they wanted for the party. They wanted the children to dress up like their favorite book character. Great, I now need to come up with another Halloween costume!! Jayce wanted to dress up like Jack from the Magic Tree House books - if you are not familiar, he is a boy who always has his backpack and glasses - so he looks like an every day kid. I told him we would have to keep thinking. I wanted to be lazy and not really do much for this costume. He has all his cowboy stuff, but he has dressed up as a cowboy for two Halloween's (one was a dead cowboy!!). Amanda, told me to do the cowboy thing, there has to be some cowboy character - and then it dawned on me. Jack from the Magic Tree House travels through time to different places, I am sure he has been to the West. Sure enough, he had. So Jayce donned his Cowboy gear and added a pair of glasses. Looks just like Jack!!!

I also volunteered to bring a treat. I turned to good ol' Martha Stewart for a yummy Halloween treat. I think they turned out cute. His teachers said they were a big hit. I dipped pears and apples in white chocolate. The pears are skulls and the apples jack-o-lanterns!!

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