Tuesday, August 30, 2011

21 Day Challenge - my second attempt

This challenge has only accentuated the fact that my wardrobe is very lacking.  I keep telling myself as soon as my kiddos are out of this stage then I will dress nicer.  At this rate - Never Gonna Happen.  So here is my attempt at a Neutral with a pop of color.   Don't laugh.  Denim is neutral to me - so here it is.


KT said...

Aww! I have been dying to comment on your posts but my computer is wigging out& wont let me! Soo happy for smart phones. Anyway, I LOVE your fashion challenge! I keep thinking about that quote u posted everytime I get ready in the morning and doing so has really helped me to step up my fashion...even if it is just for the kids. Thanks so much Micah this was the first time i've been so inspired by a blog...I think it helps that its from my awesome big sister too. Love and miss you!

Jen said...

I think this a simple but very stylish outfit. Sometimes it is just the addition of a small accessory that helps propel the outfit to more dressed up.

I apologize for not commenting in a while. This summer has been beyond busy with transitioning to SD and going back-and-forth from MN. We are finally moved in, but we have so much still to do. I don't know if we'll ever get to a point where we feel moved in.