Monday, August 22, 2011

The Navy Dental Corps Ball

This past weekend we celebrated the 99th Birthday of the Dental Corps.  It was a fun informal affair.  The theme was 70s.  Jason was on the committee and very busy getting it all done.  Everyone  had a great time and laughed tons - if Jason's costume is any clue.  During all of the formal ceremony portion of the night it was hard to keep a straight face at times because of the costumes.  It was a wonderful night and fun way to celebrate and build camaraderie among the corps.  I am looking forward to the 100th - it should also be a party to remember.

So more pics for your entertainment.  Side note - my costume did not work out and I had to scramble the last minute to get things worked out, so I am not as memorable as Jason (Hopefully that means I get to spend lots on my gown for the November ball).   Jason shirt is a real 70s polyester number.  The pants are a reproduction.  The shoes are new and off the shelf.  My shirt is really from the 70s - nice polyester knit.

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Jen said...

I am speechless. I love it. Jason has the perm that I have always wanted (except I want a bald spot with mine). Good job for both of you for pulling it off.