Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Late as usual, we fainlly got our act together and celebrated Charlotte's Un-Birthday.  She wanted to have a Tangled Party and she wanted dress-up clothes.  So we had us a pink party - the only thing I wish I would have done is have the guests wear pink.

The crown broke the next day, but she loves the shoes.

Yup - this is the favorite dress.  She also has a new tutu with petals inside, a poodle skirt (I made with leftover fabric from one of the coats I made), a fairy costume (the boys broke the wings the next day), an ice princess dress, and others that still have not made it in the mail.

I saw a recipe for pink lemonade cupcakes.  We tried them and no one really loved them, so we wont be making them again.  Basically you add pink lemonade concentrate to a white cake mix and add lemon to butter cream frosting.  Plus - my kids still don't eat cake.

The for the highlight of the night.  We headed to a beach and Jason launched the lanterns.  It was windy and so a bit tricky - next time we will wait for a calm night.  We had an audience, it was fun and magical - I hope she loved it.

Looking forward to more pink parties.  Happy UnBirthday, Charlotte!  We love you!


Mike said...

Happy birthday Charlotte! Hello to you and your family. Hope all is well with you guys. Tell Jason I will call soon and give you all an update. Let me just give a little teaser to give him something to think about...17 acres.

KT said...

awww I love it, Atalyn would have LOVED to come! can't wait till your back home...bet you hear that every day!