Friday, August 26, 2011

Overcoming a Fear

I recently came upon the blog Freckles in April.  Kayla has a challenge going on over at Freckles in April.  I have been quietly sideline watching and finally decided to jump into the fray.  I was going to just read, try out some ideas quietly (you know - in case they flopped) and then.... I saw this quote on pinterest (can't find it now - didn't pin it).

“I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day.”

It is weird, but I do save outfits for if I know I am leaving the house -because I don't have that many clothes.  As a Mom your clothes are always getting dirty, there is baby drool, baby food, baking and cooking spills, and so much more.  So more often than not the shirt I want to wear outside of my 4 walls is dirty.

So finally as I was falling asleep I decided to give it a try and share here.  Today - I am not wearing denim shorts and a solid T (my usual staple).  This outfit fits a few of the categories that she has done.  This is my Orphan, my skirt, and my belt it.  This outfit definitely needs a different belt and sandals -but I am working with limited inventory.  I wonder if I can do it 2 days in a row.

Another good fashion read.  Keeping it fresh:30 days, 30 different looks  No more excuses for wearing the same mommy uniform day in and day out.


shopfreak said...

Love that quote! I totally feel like that! Cute skirt!

Kayla said...

That skirt is SO pretty. Love it with the low slung belt!

I'm glad you decided to jump in and join us :)

Freckles in April

Jen said...

I go through stages where I feel like I want to dress up even just for myself at home. I wore skirts almost everyday one summer. Unfortunately, looking back I realized I had some weight to lose and didn't look as cute as I thought I looked...haha. You have the legs to pull off a skirt everyday. Go for it!