Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Typhoon Muifa

This Typhoon really liked our Island, she wanted to stay for as long as possible.  We were told to stay indoors for almost 48 hours, the longest stretch any Typhoon has earned in our year here.  She fortunately did not do much damage to our neighborhood, the previous Typhoon did that.  I did loose my favorite flowering bush.

The damage this time was done inside.  She blew the wind and rain just right so we ended with lots of water coming in.  We had to move our living room into the dining room to try and keep things dry.  It ruined my painted walls, discolored grout in the bathroom walls.  In the bathroom water was steadily draining from the grout.  The power was out for about 14 hours.  That was all day Friday - inside with 4 kids.  The humidity rose in the house to 90% according to our wall clock, I was getting nervous it was going to start to rain.  We didn't have any more dry towels by the time the power was back on - I had started using blankets.

These storms are very impressive to watch.  We are lucky these houses were constructed with these storms in mind.  At one point we thought the car might end up on its side.

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