Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 Boys and a 5K

This time Jason and Grahm also participated.  Grahm has been begging to run everyday since Jayce's last run.  It is going to whip Jason into shape because Jayce views running as his private Daddy time.   So, Jason has to run with each of them seperately and now Charlotte is begging to go.
 Since they were running so fast, I hadn't set my settings.  Next time I will be ready.

Jayce ran ahead of Grahm and Jason up till the end.  He ran a good quarter of a mile ahead, but at the end they had over a half mile up hill climb.  That combined with his faster pace took its toll and he couldn't be motivated too much at that point.  So Grahm and Jason came in just before Jayce.  Their times....  28.??  and 29.??  Jayce shaved off 5 minutes!  They both beat lots of adults.  We are so proud and hope they continue to enjoy running.  At this rate we might have to invest in that double jogging stroller!

Beat, but so proud!  Sign in was at 6:30am - I think they need to be up a little earlier so breakfast doesn't make them feel yucky.

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